Meet Deborah

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If you were to ask Deborah what is her greatest desire she would say, "connecting people to the power of Christ" because for her it’s all about Him.

Having experienced the power of Christ first hand in her life she is passionate about seeing others experience His life giving, transforming power. She believes that once you've been touched by the power of Christ your life is never the same. What was impossible for you before becomes possible, because Christ is the open door to possibilities.

Deborah’s life exemplifies this truth in that although never having gone to seminary or Bible College, God has graced her with His ability to preach and teach His word with power, passion, and revelation. She is the host of Turned On radio broadcast, and the author of Faith to See, Speak and Live. Deborah lives with the knowledge that all that she does is not by her might or power but by the power of God.

“Everything in life requires power and there is no other power greater than the power of God in us.”

Through this Ministry she is teaching people how to live in the power of Christ and taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world.